"All great people of the world have tried to realise the truth and to live by it in terms of love and compassion.

​They have tried to :

Understand themselves (human being)

Understand the underlying harmony in nature, in existence

They have tried to understand the role of the human being in nature, in existence, to live by it, and to develop an equitable and just society which ensures the wellbeing of all

For all such great people, we have a deep feeling of gratitude"


This effort on Universal Human Values (UHV) is in continuation with that tradition of self-enquiry, for the wellbeing of all :

It draws upon universal essence of these explorations.

It is put forth as proposals for self-exploration on one’s own right.

It is a systematic study of the harmony – from individual to family, society and nature/existence.

It is a proposal about the natural laws, about the reality, as it is – in a way that anyone can explore and understand it on their own right.

It follows a process of self verification, on the basis of one’s own Natural Acceptance, leading to self-confidence and self- evolution.

It encourages students to discover what they consider valuable.  Accordingly, they are able to discriminate between valuable and the superficial in real situations in their life .

It enables the student to discover and understand the innate value of human being in every aspect of life (individual, family, society, nature/existence), reinforce the commitment and courage to live accordingly.

It facilitates discussion and self-exploration

Life goals, reflection on what they are and what they want to be :

Relationships in family

Relationships with society

Relationships with nature/existence

It provides a universal basis for human values

That supplements and can provide direction to the present educational and social systems.

The basic human values are fundamental to human nature and human existence.

These values are universal in nature, applicable to all human beings, in all places and all times, e.g. truth, love and compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the need of Universal Human Values (UHV) or Why UHV ?

What is its importance in the present time / Why are we feeling the need for values today ?

What is the importance of human values in the prevailing education ?

What has been its impact ?

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UHV-I: Sensitisation to Universal Human Values

Course Objectives:

• To help the student to see the need for developing a holistic perspective of life.
• To sensitise the student about the scope of life – individual, family (inter-personal relationship), society and nature/existence
• Strengthening self-reflection.
• To develop more confidence and commitment to understand, learn and act accordingly.

UHV-II: A Foundation Course in Universal Human Values and Ethics

This introductory course input is intended:
• To help the students appreciate the essential complimentarily between 'VALUES' and 'SKILLS' to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings.
• To facilitate the development of a Holistic perspective 
among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding Human reality and the rest of existence.

UHV-III: Understanding the Human Being Comprehensively – Human Aspirations and their Fulfilment

Course Objectives:

To help the students having the clarity about human aspirations, goal, activities and purpose of life.

To facilitate the competence to understand the harmony in nature/existence and participation of human being in the nature/existence.

To help the students to develop the understanding of human tradition and its various components.

UHV-IV: Understanding and Realising Human Society and Human Order

Course Objectives:

To help the students to understand the importance and types of relationship with expressions.

To develop the competence to think about the conceptual framework of undivided society as well as universal human order.

To help the students to develop the exposure for transition from current state to the undivided society and universal human order.

A Note Of

We have a deep sense of gratitude for the existential harmony, of which all that we see in nature including ourselves as human beings, are expressions; a deep sense of gratitude for the tradition of all those great people who worked for understanding this existential reality, to live up to it and to make it available to people in general. We have tried to understand and practice what is available from this long tradition of knowledge, and therefore, the credit for all that we are presenting here, goes to this tradition of knowledge. We are making an effort to share what we have understood and what we consider will be useful for all of us, particularly, our effort is to bring it into the mainstream education.