UHV-IV: Understanding and Realising Human Society and Human Order

Course Objectives:


  1.To help the students to understand the importance and types of relationship with expressions.


   2.To develop the competence to think about the conceptual framework of undivided society as well as universal human order.


   3.To help the students to develop the exposure for transition from current state to the undivided society and universal human order.

Course Methodology:


    1.The methodology of this course is explorational and thus universally adaptable. It involves a systematic and rational study of the human being vis-à-vis the rest of existence.


    2.It is free from any dogma or set of do’s and don’ts related to values.


    3.It is a process of self-investigation and self-exploration, and not of giving sermons. Whatever is found as truth or reality is stated as a proposal and the students are facilitated and encouraged to verify it in their own right, based on their Natural Acceptance and subsequent Experiential Validation.


    4.This process of self-exploration takes the form of a dialogue between the teacher and the students to begin with, and then to continue within the student leading to continuous self-evolution.


    5.This self-exploration also enables them to critically evaluate their pre-conditionings and present beliefs.

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